Netgear AC750 Manual – The manual of the wifi extender comes attached with the extender when you buy it from the website. The manual contains all the setup procedure explained step by step in a very easy and efficient manner. You can read these instructions and go through the setup process and you can work with your setup within few minutes of the installation.


AC750 setup using Netgear Installation Assistant

You can setup the wifi extender Netgear AC750 Wifi Extender by using the installation assistant and follow these easy steps:

  • Turn on your wifi extender Netgear AC750 EX3110
  • Keep the wifi extender in the close proximity of the wifi router or in the range of wifi router
  • Attach the wifi extender to the electrical socket and wait for the power LED to glow green
  • Connect the wifi extender to the existing wifi router
  • From the device open the web browser like Firefox and enter the website www. net
  • On the screen the display of Netgear smart setup appears
  • You will see the series of pops on the screen, follow them and connect your extender with your wifi router
  • After connecting the router and the wifi extender place the wifi extender to a new location where the wifi signals reach to all the dead spots of the space
  • Sometimes you might face the problem that there is no connection or poor connection. In that case move the extender a bit closer to the wifi router until the light blinks white
  • Connect all the devices to the extended network once you find the best location for the extender


Using WPS button

To use the WPS button on the brand new extender setup follow these steps:

  • Turn on the new wifi extender Netgear AC750 EX3110 you have recently bought
  • For the best wifi signals keep both wifi extender and the router in the same room
  • After placing the wifi extender plug in your wifi extender to the electrical socket
  • When the power LED light on the extender glows light green press the WPS button on the wifi extender
  • When the power LED light on the extender glows white it means a strong connection is established between the router and the extender
  • Move and place the extender near the dead spots of the space so that wifi signals are reaching everywhere
  • Connect all your devices and the PC to the extended wifi network and enjoy the un-interrupted speed

The wifi router supports the band of 5GHz and the wifi extender also makes sure to connect to the band of 5GHz the very first time you press the WPS button. If the extender does not connect the first time call the customer care executive and get your issues resolved at the earliest.


Firmware Upgrade

The Netgear firmware is a operating system which is made with specifications to run for your particular make and model of the wifi extender. When you keep your wifi extender updated always with the latest version you can enjoy the extender with more ease and more comfort. Here are few steps to update the wifi extender:

  • Turn on the recently bought wifi extender AC750 EX3110
  • After turning on the wifi extender connect the wifi router to the wifi extender
  • Enter the website after opening any of the web browser like Internet Explorer etc
  • After opening the website log in with your login details on the window displayed on the screen
  • On the settings menu click on the firmware upgrade option and click on the check button
  • Click on the yes button when you see the firmware upgrade available
  • After some time your Netgear AC750 firmware will get updated automatically


Fix Ac750 Setup Issue

  • The website login  is slow or not working
  • You forgot the login details of the website
  • You entered incorrect details on the website
  • Forgot the default password of Netgear Extender
  • You are not able to login to the Netgear AC750 extender
  • The internet connection keeps on dropping on the extender
  • You are facing problems while accessing the IP address
  • There are no internet signals when to the connected wifi extender
  • The Netgear Genie app doesn’t open
  • The wifi connection is not stable
  • The lights on the extender is not stable
  • The setup is complete but you are not able to update it
  • After the setup of the AC750 extender the smart page of Netgear genie still appears
  • The extender Netgear EX 3110 has no internet connection
  • The wifi extender is not catching or detecting internet signals
  • After the setup you are not able to open the website mywifiext for the further updates

Fixing the issues: The common issues of the wifi extender AC750 can be resolved by few steps mentioned below:

  • There should be un-interrupted electrical supply to the wifi extender
  • The socket to which the extender is plugged in should not be faulty or damaged
  • Do not use any damaged cables or wires as it can result in the connection issues
  • Try to keep your extenders away from walls and pillars at the distance of min 20cm and also from the barriers like Bluetooth speakers etc which can cause interruption in the wifi signals