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With the changing times the need for a excellent wifi connection has increased tremendously be it for work or for personal use, everyone needs a wifi with strong signal strength. While using the wifi network, we also face various issues like the uneven distribution of wifi signal for instance interrupted or no wifi signals at some places of our homes and offices. To provide with the strong signal strength and tackle with issues of interrupted wifi signals, Mywifiext provides with the Netgear Extender. The wifi extender helps in extending the wifi signals of current wifi system of the place. It is an easy to fit, install and setup wifi extender which can be done in a few easy steps. For setting up wifi range extender, the following simple steps need to be followed:


1. The first and foremost step for installation is to open the website web page and click on new extender setup button.

2. Then login the username and password credentials in the login dialogue box.

3. After the login, Netgear Genie will open up which is a smart setup wizard to assist you with the setup

4. Follow the mentioned steps and you can setup your extender.

Netgear Extender Support |

After following these simple instructions, the wifi extender will be setup and you are ready to use the wifi extender. A team of technical experts are always available to guide and help you in the setup process of extender whenever you get stuck or face any kind of difficulty. There is also an app available, the Nighthawk app which is there to install the extender and connect to the internet. The app is designed for the both iOS and android mobile devices.

The extender can be installed by Nighthawk app using the following simple steps:

  • Make sure there is active internet connected to the router and make sure to note down the SSID and password of the router.
  • Turn on your power extender.
  • After turning on the extender, wait for the light of router to turn solid green.
  • Go to app store of your android or iOS device and install the Nighthawk app.
  • Setup the app on your device and then follow the step by step instruction given in the app to install the wifi extender.

The Nighthawk app supports various wifi extenders like EAX20, EAX80, EX8000 amongst others.

When you call our help-line of extender setup on 1-888-914-8918 , you will find that our technicians are expert on every such issue that is known and they know what they are doing or what they fix. So free yourself from the burden of fixing your New netgear extender setup or networking related problem, just let our technician help you fix the problem. ensures that you get the best service in time so bad connectivity doesn’t affect your work.

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Setup for the following Extenders:


How to setup Netgear WiFi booster Range Extender

There can be various reasons that you are not able to access the web address. It can sometimes be a common mistake or sometimes a technical error or glitch. A few of the mentioned reasons behind trouble logging can be:

 Incorrect web address- It can be a wrong web address or sometimes a few key words be missing from it.

  • Problem with internet connection- The internet signals of the existing wifi connection can be slow or can be interrupted signals.
  • Web browser version- The existing version of the web browser may be outdated or haven’t been upgraded in long time due to which the login issues are arriving.
  •  Problem with settings- Sometimes the settings of the wifi extender and the router are not same due to which they are not able to configure with each other and the installation of extender is becoming the problem.
  • Login Issues- In such you may be have forgotten your SSID and password credentials or they are being tampered by someone or you have shared these credentials with someone.
  • The wifi extender and the router should not be placed very far away from each other.
  • There is an uninterrupted power supply to the wifi extender. The power LED light on the extender should be green.
  • In case there is no green light on the extender, disconnect and again connect the wifi extender.
  • Sometimes due to outdated version of the browser, you can face login issues. Try opening some other web page on the browser and if it does not work the update the browser version to connect and install the wifi extender.
  • Change the web browser if you still face the login issues.
  • Use a hardwired connection in case the wireless network does not work.

To keep the wifi extender up to date, the Netgear offers new firmware updates time to time on regular basis. The latest firmware on the device will improve the performance of the extender apart from fixing the bug related issues. To update the wifi extender you can access the web page and upgrade the wifi extender.

Netgear Extender Setup & Support

The issues that you may encounter with your Netgear extender setup:
It says the password is incorrect but you are entering the correct password.
Netgear Genie does not display after you have successfully connected to your extender network.
Reserved IP address devices cannot be able to connect to the extender.
After entering the wrong passphrase, you are not able to connect to the extender.
Extender disconnects from the main router while setup.
Unable to connect manually your wifi device to the extender after setting up the extender and the router through WPS button.
Accessing issue of
Netgear Extender Support : Tollfree- 1-888-914-8918
1. Incompatible setting of router with respect to extender.
2. Issue in MAC address settings
3. User is unable to login to setup page
4. Not able to recollect wireless password
5. Weakened Wi-Fi signal
6. Security issues pertaining to your home network.
Error Message when accessing
“Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network”.
“Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet”.
“Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at
“can’t find server”


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Netgear Genie Manual Setup

Desktop NETGEAR Genie is the easy dashboard for New Extender Setup. Stay connected with Netgear range extender on mywifiext. With the help of Genie, you can easily connect your extender.​

Wi-Fi Protect setup Wireless SetUp

WPS Method is the easiest method of Netgear range extender setup. Connect the Netgear range extender and press the WPS button that’s it. Your Extender is ready to work. And you can enjoy the streaming free videos on the internet.

What Is Mywifiext , , Mywifiext local ?

Mywifiext helps you to set up your netgear new extender setup through web browser. you can easily set up your new extender setup at home manually and you can also talk to our technicians to ask about your Netgear New Extender Setup. 



·         Open the web page and login the website with your credentials.

·         After opening the website and logging to it, reach to net setup wizard and navigate to the settings.

·         In the settings go to Administation>Advanced option

·         Click on Firmware update option and check on if any new firmware update is available.

·         Click on yes if you find any new version and wish to install if for your wifi extender.

By following these simple easy steps you can update your existing wifi extender firmware by using the web address.