The extender by the mywifiexttnet helps you to extend the wifi signals of your current wifi connection so as to receive the wifi signals in your whole of the area be it your home or your office. Here you can get the easy guidelines to setup the Netgear EX7000 setup.

Netgear EX7000 Manual – To ease and help you out with the setup process of the extender you always get the instructions manual whenever you buy your wifi extender EX7000 from the website. The instruction manual comes with the set of simple and easy instructions to help you with the setup and installation of the extender. You can follow the step by step instructions and your wifi extender will start working after few minutes of the installation. If you find it difficult to understand the instructions you can always call the customer support number where you will get the technicians to help you out with the setup process.

Installation process of extender EX7000

Using Netgear Installation Assistant: For installing the wifi extender EX7000 the Netgear Installation Assistant can give you the step by step assistance. Here are simple steps to install the extender using Netgear Installation Assistant.

    • Turn on your wifi extender Netgear Nighthawk EX7000.
    • Place it next to the existing wifi router
    • In the electrical socket plug in your wifi extender
    • Wait for the powerlight LED to glow green
    • Next connect the wifi router and the wifi extender to receive the wifi signals all over your house
    • On the web browser on your PC or the mobile open the website
  • On opening the website the Netgear installation assistant appears
  • With the series of pop up dialog boxes you can inatll the setup of wifi extender
  • Shift your extender to a new place where you can receive the wifi signals in all of your area.
  • On the extender the white power LED light glows when a strong connection gets established between the wifi router and the extender.

    In the process of setup of wifi extender if you have any queries or face any problems then you can call and get in touch with the team of customer executive number and get your issues resolved.

    Netgear Nighthawk  Using WPS Button

    For the Netgear Nighthawk Setup follow the following steps:

    • Switch on your Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 setup
    • Put your extender and the wifi router in the same room
    • In the electrical socket plug in your wifi extender
    • The extender will show the glowing green power LED light
    • On the extender press the WPS button
    • Once the connection is setup between the wifi extender and the existing wifi, the extender will glow with the white power LED light
    • Keep the wifi extender at the place where the wifi signals are reaching in the dead zones of the house
    • Now you can connect your devices like hones and the PC to the extended wifi network

    The wifi extender supports the 5GHz band and make sure that your wifi also supports 5GHz. The extender and wifi router should connect in the first go when you press the WPS button. If you face any problem in connecting then you should get i touch with the customer care executive team and resolve the issue at the earliest.

    FastLane Setup

    TO increase the performance of your wifi, fastlane technology is always an option. The technology with its dual band connects wifi extender and the wifi router and also connects the extender and the device. If your extender supports the fastlane technology like the extender EX7000 you can always configure the fastlane technology:

    • The first step is to build the connection between the wifi router and the wifi extender
    • Open the website on the web browsers like Google Chrome
    • In the login window enter your username and the password
    • Click on the ‘Do more’ or ‘Fastlane technology’ when the netgear genie page opens
    • Click on any of the two options shown on the screen i.e. ‘Device to extender in2.4GHz only and extender to router in 5GHz only’ and ‘Device to extender in 5GHz only and extender to router in 2.4GHz’
    • After selecting any one of the options click on the save button

    Common issues faced while setup

    • The website is not working
    • The login details you entered are incorrect
    • You forgot your password
    • The wifi extender is not connecting to the internet
    • The wifi extender is connected but still there is no internet connection
    • The app Netgear Genie app does not open
    • The wifi connection is not stable
    • You don’t remember the default password of the netgear extender
    • You cannot login to the wifi extender EX7000
    • The setup of the extender is done but it is not getting updated
    • The extender cannot find the range of existing wifi connection
    • The extender is not working
    • The light of the extender is not stable and is causing issues
    • The reset of the Netgear Extender is not getting done
    • The internet is connected but not working on the extender

    The internet connectivity on the extender keeps on dropping repeatedly

    Troubleshooting Steps

    You can go through the below mentioned steps for resolving the troubleshooting steps for the Netgear EX7000 Setup

    • Make sure the extender is receiving proper electrical supply from the socket
    • The socket should not be damaged and should not be short circuited
    • Make sure your device is accessing the high speed internet connection
    • For the barrier free wifi keep it away from the room corners and pillars. Make sure to keep the extender at distance of at least 20 cm from the walls and pillars
    • If you are facing the issues with the mywifiext website then check and enter the correct web address in the address bar of the website
    • Keep your extender always updated with the latest version for smooth functioning
    • If you face any problems reset the extender to factory default settings
    • Try to setup the extender by power cycling your extender

    Netgear Ex7000 Firmware Update

    The wifi extender goes out of date after a few time. The technical team keeps on updating the setup of wifi extenders. So to work smoothly and efficiently with the extenders keep your extender always updated with the latest version. The Netgear extender firmware  is an operating system which is designed to run on the extenders of the particular model and particular make. You can easily upgrade the firmware on your wifi extender by the following easy steps:

    • Switch on your wifi extender
    • Connect the wifi extender to the wifi router
    • Open the web browser like Google Chrome and enter the website login
    • In the login window display enter your username and your correct password
    • On the settings menu click on the option of Firmware Upgrade and click on the check option
    • There you will see if there is any new update available and you can click on the firmware upgrade option
    • After a few minutes the Netgear EX7000 firmware will get updated