The range off wifi extenders from the company are here to boost the wifi signals of the current wifi network. When you buy the wifi extender from the website you get an instruction mannual where you get the set of instructions to setup and install the wifi extender Ex 7300 and connect with the current wifi systems.

EX7300 Manual – When you buy the new wifi extender Ex7300 for your home or office you get a manual. The manual consists of simple set of instructions for the installation. When you open the manual and follow the step by step instructions you will be easily be able to do the setup process and install the extender. In case of any problem you can always call at the customer care executive number where with professional help things will be easier in the setup process.

Netgear Installation Assistant

To setup the netgear installation assistant with whose help you can setup and install the wifi extender. The simple steps for the same are explained below:

  • The first important step is to make sure that the wifi extender is turned on
  • For the best wifi signals place the extender close to the wifi router
  • Plug in the extender in the electrical socket and wait for a few seconds till you see the white LED light blinking on the extender.
  • In case the power LED light does not glow up press the power button at the backside of the extender.
  • After you see the blinking green LED light connect the extender with the PC or the smart phone device by wireless wifi connection or the Ethernet.

Wifi – The PC on which the current wifi is connected, open the wifi connection manager window and select the network of the extender you have brought.  When the wifi extender is connected to the device or the PC there is always a white LED light glowing showing the mark of the connection made.

Ethernet – The multiple computers can be connected by the inserting the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port present on the backside of the Pc as well as the wifi extender.

  • Open the web browser on your device and go to the website and you will see the Netgear Installation Assistant
  • There will be series of prompts displayed where you can check and connect your wifi extender to the existing wifi connection
  • If you are not receiving the strong wifi signals move the extender close to the wifi router and keep it at halfway distance from the area of poor signal and the wifi router
  • After keeping the extender at the halfway distance if the wifi signal strength is poor move the extender more close to the wifi router so as to receive the strong wifi signals.
  • Connect the devices on which you want the strong wifi connection once you have fixed the place for your wifi extender.


WPS Push Button

–  The other way to install and setup the wifi extender Ex7300 is by pressing the WPS button. The following step by step procedure will guide for the setup.

  • Power on the wifi extender by using the WPS button
  • Keep the wifi extender and the wifi router in the same room
  • Plug your wifi extender in the electrical socket in the room and wait for the blinking of the green LED light.
  • Press the WPS button on the extender and also on your wifi router
  • A strong connection will be established once you see the white light blinking on the wifi extender.

The extender is of 5GHz bandwidth so make sure that the wifi router also supports the bandwidth of 5GHz. If your wifi router is not of 5GHz then you can face the installation and setup issues for the Externder Ex7300. For resolving the issues of the same contact the customer care number to resolve the issue at the earliest.

  • TO receive the strong wifi signals place the extender halfway between the router and the area of poor wifi signal. If you still receive poor wifi signals move the extender closer to the wifi router.
  • Connect the devices whether the PC or the mobile devices with the extended wifi network once you have set the location of the wifi extender.

If you face any problem or have any issues regarding the setup procedure you can always contact the team of professionals on the customer care helpline number  and get the setup done.

Troubleshooting Netgear Ex7300 Setup – The following few steps can help you resolve some of the issues of the Netgear setup.

  • Make sure the extender is receiving uninterrupted supply from the wall socket.
  • The socket to which extender is attached is not short circuited or damaged.
  • There internet speed of the wifi is very strong
  • Do not use any kind of broken cables for the extender or otherwise.
  • Check and enter the correct URL in the address bar of
  • Use the latest version of the Netgear firmware version for the wifi extender.
  • Switch the extender to the default settings and reset the extender.

If you are facing the issues in the setup procedure you can contact to the team of knowledgeable executives at the customer care number.