The wifi extender is used to extend the wifi signals to different parts of your house. The first and foremost step is to connect the wireless wifi network to the extender Nightgear Nighthawk 7700 setup. The wifi connect the wifi extender you can use the simple and easy methods to connect

To connect with the WPS – This is an easy method where you have to connect your wifi network with the wifi protected setup. You do not need to type the credentials like network name and the password. Follow the simple steps mentioned below for the setup of extender

  • Power on your extender
  • For the best wifi signals place the extender next to the wifi router
  • To use the extender plug it into the electrical socket
  • When you plug the extender in the socket wait for a light green Power LED
  • When the light glows press the WPS button on the extender
  • Press the WPS button on the Wifi router also
  • The different colors of the LED indicate different status of the link between router and the wifi extender. The white light indicates the l8ink is strong of the router and the extender. The light blue light indicates that connection is good and the red light indicates a poor connection and it means you need to keep the router and the extender closer to each other.

NOTE – The WPS will connect instantly if your router is of bandwidth 5 GHz. If your WPS does not connect the first time then repeat the setup instructions given above.

To connect with Netgear installation assistant – For this make sure your extender is power on properly. After starting the extender then launch the web browser on your mobile device or the PC and by following the simple steps given below you can connect with the wireless network

  • Power and turning on your extender is the first and foremost step
  • Place the wifi router and the extender close to each other to get the best wifi signals
  • Plug in the extender to the power socket to connect it to wireless network
  • Wait for a few seconds tll you see a light green LED light glowing on the extender
  • In case you cannot see the green light glowing then press the [power button on the extender
  • Now the next step is to connect the PC or your smart device with the extender using the wireless wifi connection

Note – For the PC you need to go to the settings of wifi. There in the wifi settings locate the extender for your wireless network. As soon as your PC or your any gadget gets connected to the extender you can see the white LED light glowing on the extender.

Ethernet – to connect multiple computers with the wireless network use can use the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port designed in the extender and also provided in the computers.

  • Go to from the web browser in your PC or your smart device
  • You can see the Netgear installation assistant displayed there on the browser
  • You will see a series of prompts on the screen and by following those prompts you can easily connect your extender and your wifi network.
  • Place your extender in the central location of the poor signal and the wifi router
  • If you still the signal strength of wifi is not good place the extender close to the wifi router
  • The LED light on the screen will glow with the white light
  • You can connect your PC and the devices with the extender when you find the best place for keeping your extender.

You can create a whole new powerful home with the Nighthawk Tri-band wifi mesh extender on your existing wifi itself. The Nighthawk Extender Ex7700 is a powerful extender that comes with bandwidth of 5 GHz and dedicated speed up to 866 Mbps for extending the wifi signals to every corner of your house.

How to install the extender using Netgear Nighthawk app? – For the convience of the users using the extender there is Netgear Nighthawk app designed to install the setup for the extender. The cloud application is compatible both with ios and android operating system. The simple steps given below can help you to install the setup in an easy and convenient way.

  • The router should have strong wifi connection and should be connected to the router.
  • Write down the SSID and password of the router
  • Plug in the extender and power on it
  • Download the Nighthawk app on your device whether ios or android device
  • Now connect Netgear_ext network with your mobile device
  • Now on your smartphone open the Nighthawk app
  • On the app the steps to install the Netgear wifi will pop up and following those installation steps connect the wifi extender to the internet

You can always call our skilled and expert technicians from customer support whenever you face any kind of problem in the setup installation.

We came across several common issues that customer face in the installation process of the Netgear Ex7700 setup.

  • The website not loading or working properly
  • Incorrect credentials i.e. incorrect username and incorrect password of the mywifiext
  • The Wifi extender is not connected to the network and if connected has no internet connection
  • The Netgear genie app is not opening
  • You misplaced the CD of the configuration
  • While installing facing Wifi connectivity issue
  • The LED lights on the extender is not stable
  • You forgot the default password of Netgear extender
  • The Netgear firmware is not getting updated
  • After update on the extender cant access
  • The update for the extender failed
  • Unable to find the network name on the Netgear Extender
  • Not able to perform the reset of the Netgear extender
  • The red light on the extender keeps on showing again and again
  • The internet is connected to the extender but is not working


Troubleshooting Netgear Nighthawk Ex7700 Setup

For the issues faced in the Netgear Extender you can follow the following steps first and can resolve the issues you are facing.

  • First check if the extender is connected properly to the socket and receiving the electric supply
  • Check if the socket you have connected the extender to is not damaged or is not short circuited
  • For the barrier free wifi connection keep your extender away from walls, room corners and other appliances which can interrupt the wifi connection
  • In case you face issues with the make sure the url you typed is correct to enter the website.
  • For logging into the website of make sure the web browser you are using is updated to the latest version.
  • Also to use the extender you need to have the latest version of Netgear firmware
  • If you still face the issues reset the extender to the default setting and launch the setup again.

For any problems or any kind of assistance you can always call our customer care number and talk to our experienced executives and they will resolve your issues.