You can move easily knowing your remote PCs and cell phones will currently remain associated even in the most distant corners of your home. Lift your WiFi inclusion and carry WiFi availability to wired gadgets like Smart TVs or game consoles using the wifi extender. Out of the many extenders available in the market the Wifi Extender WN2000 RP is the most common extender available and brought by many of the customers. The wifi extender WN2000RP is here to give you the wifi signals in all parts of your house so that you can have an amazing experience working with the wireless network.  The wifi extender is an easy to setup device which comes with amazing features. The white ivory body of the extender with four different indicators perform different functions to indicate you about the wifi signals. These below mentioned steps will help you with the easy installation of the wifi extender setup.

Connecting wn2000rpt WiFi extender with Existing Network using Browser Setup

  • The first and foremost step is to turn on the wifi extender. The green light on the extender indicates the power on of the device. On your wireless PC look for the Netgear network displayed there and connect with it.
  • On the same wireless PC open the web program and it will display you the instruction guide of Netgear genie on the screen.
  • Out of the different wireless networks showing within your area choose the one you want to extend the wifi to.
  • Enter the router key and continue with the setup process. If in any case the wireless network does not show up make sure that the network you selected is within the permissible range of the networks.
  • After this you have to wait for a few minutes till your computer disconnects with the extender wireless network.
  • After this you can easily connect your gadget whether any cellphone or any PC with the wifi extender.
  • After the successful connection go to the Netgear genie screen and crosscheck if you are connected to the extended wifi network.
  • A page or dialog box will be displayed showing you the successful completion of the setup.