We usually face the issues in our homes where the wifi connection is not available at some points and the network reaches to a dead angle. The reason can be interruption of wifi signals or limited range of router or unwanted interference of radio signals. This is where Netgear Wn3000rp comes to the rescue. The setup of the wifi extender is very simple to understand, execute and install.

Introduction – the compact design of the extender is small and thin and has sleek module design. The elegance and style of the extender comes with the ivory color of the machine, the Netgear logo and top cover of the piano. It is a wireless extender which extends the range of wifi signals and has speed of 300 mbps due to which it eliminates the dead spots where the wifi signals do not reach in your house. The extender has great compatibility which makes it compatible with extenders of Netgear and other companies and brands also.

The Setup – The NETGEAR WN3000Rp is a simple and easy to setup using mywifiext website. With four easy and simple steps the users can easily setup the extender.

Step – 1: When you open the Netgear genie setup app, the app will scan all the wireless networks available in that radius. Select the network you wish to extend with the netgear extender setup.

Step – 2: After entering the wireless wifi fill the credentials of username and password for the secured wifi connection.

Step – 3: Setup the local wireless network and set the SSID of Netgear WN3000RP. For the wireless network you can use the password or the router or you can set it up yourself.

Step – 4: Till now you have completed the setup process and click on the save button and charge your device. After the setup the best way to get the wifi signals all over the house place the wifi extender at the central place of the house.

Netgear WN3000RP Specs – the extender comes with four LED indicators on the front side of the extender. The four indicators have different purposes on the indicator. Like these indicators indicate the current router’s signal strength, data transmission, WPS encryption and the working status of WI-Fi. The indicator light can also display a fault if any.

The amazing extender with LAN port of 100M so that it can be used at the desktop also. In addition for convince use of the extender there is device reset key, WPS one key encryption all set next to Ethernet Port.

The extender WN3000 comes with two high performance gains of 2 dbi which are omni directional antennas and can meet the need of full wifi coverage. These two come with special feature that they can be rotated into desired direction to get the good wifi speed. The extender needs to be charged up for extending the wifi signals so for this the extender comes with the high quality power adapter which can be used for any kind of sockets.

For the convince of the customer an information label with information like IP address, default username and password is attached below the wifi extender. And for any kind of issues and assistance you can always reach to mywifiext executive to resolve your problems and issues