WN2500RP – Not exclusively would you be able to broaden the scope of your double band WiFi organize, you can interface up to 4 wired gadgets remotely. 4 ports empower you to interface everything from a Blu-beam player to a Smart TV or game reassure to your current WiFi organize. Synchronous double band WiFi diminishes obstruction for smoother HD gushing. Just plug in, push and play its that simple to extend the Wi-Fi signals and distribute evenly in your whole house. The setup of WN2500 RP is very simple and easy. The simple instructions provided below will help you to setup the wifi extender.

  • Power on your Extender and wait till the power LED status to turn green. On your remote PC, look and pair with Netgear network displayed there.
  • Open web program on a similar PC and the program should take you directly to the on-screen displaying guide for NETGEAR genie. You can likewise access through composing www.mywifiext.net in your program URL bar.
  • Select the name of your current remote system out of all the wireless networks that you need to expand, and click Continue.
  • Enter on the router key and you can continue further
  • If by any chance that your remote system doesn’t show up, at that point, if it’s not too much trouble check to ensure your Wifi Extender is inside the range of wireless networks of your primary system.
  • Wait for a few minutes and your PC will be automatically disconnected from the Extender wireless network
  • After this you can connect the extender with wireless remote PC or gadget or any device.
  • After you are successful in connecting your wireless extender to the wireless computer or device go back one to the Netgear genie screen where you will can cross check whether or not you are connected to the extended network.
  • After this if you see any page or any dialog box it means that the extender has successfully been installed and you can now enjoy the wifi extender WN2500RP with extended wifi signals all over your house.