The netgear orbi app is specially designed to help the customers with the installation process of the Netgear setup. The app is always updated to give you the best features of the device. The cloud application is compatible both with your ios and android devices and can help in setup of any Netgear Extender.

With the latest version of the app you can explore the various features. The app is equipped with the remote management through which you can access, control and manage your wifi from anywhere of the house. It comes with the parental control through which the parents can control the activity of the child through wifi.

The parents can filter the content and limit the online time of their children. The Orbi app comes with the advance cyber security on your wireless network so that it stays protected from all the online threats. On the app you can also check the speed of your wifi through the speed test feature and also monitor the usage of the internet on the app. In case you don’t want your guests and friends to use your wifi you can always setup a different wifi  network for them to use on the orbi app.