Boost your internet speed with Netgear Extenders, Reach us for local or login support

Is not working? Don’t know what to do now.
Usually users access the settings of the genie smart wizard or any other netgear related wizard through mywifiext through which they are able to manage and configure their Netgear wifi routers. At times, due to technical glitches like server being down, users are unable to access and an error message pops up on their screen. Depending upon the web browser you are using the reason could vary for you not being able to connect to the site. It could show reasons like – server not found or unable to connect to the internet at the moment or page cannot be displayed.

At such times, user usually gets frustrated and finds it difficult to setup the wizard and enjoy using the high speed internet via its netgear wifi routers. This is where our live team support comes to your rescue. Our team is available at your beck and call 24×7 and throughout the week. No matter it’s a weekday or weekend we are always available at your service.

It gets tedious watching online tutorials for setting up your routers and wizards and even then coming to no conclusion. Also with slow internet speed it irritates the user more. It is no fun to watch videos which buffer every other second and be a victim of frustration. To avoid such situations, one should prefer getting wifi boosters. Wifi boosters enhance the speed of your internet and make it available in every nook and corner of your house or office or wherever you have installed the router.

Wi-Fi have been a boon to the mankind of internet era as it doesn’t involve using the long cliché Ethernet cables to build up internet connectivity. You can use internet from your desk to your lawn and even in your washrooms. So why not use them right and make the most of them. Setting up a wifi booster can help you right with it. Ditch the Ethernet cables all you got to do is just setup the smart wizard and you will be good to go. In case you face any trouble doing that we are available with our assistance at your beck and call.

Also setting up a wifi and a booster for it doesn’t even cost more than a cup of coffee at starbucks. With highly affordable prices and super good quality and our 24×7 online assistance netgear is one of the most preferred wifi router brand among the people here.

So do no further delays if you don’t have a Netgear Wifi router yet go get one. There are various models available you can pick one with the features that suit your needs. Also if you want to avoid slow internet issues and enjoy high speed surfing get a wifi booster along with it. In case of any issues you now know you have us and can reach out to us anytime.